Sunday, December 11, 2011

A record...

Yes, this may be a record for me.  Two posts in two days.  Write it in the history books folks!  This may not happen again for another two years!
So, I wanted to share with you a labor of love that I made for my Bunco group's Christmas party and gift exchange.  My original plan was to make 12 similarly painted wine glasses so that each girl could bring her own Bunco Babe wine glass to drink from at bunco each month.  However, since Murphy has taken up permanent residence in my house, I had to go with plan B.  Just one lucky lady received this one-of-a-kind Bunco Babe wine glass as part of her Christmas gift.

I found the wine glasses at Marshall's.  A set of 12 was only $12.99. Perfect for my project!  The paints I purchased at Michael's - Americana Gloss Enamels.  I used plain old crafty paint brushes to apply the enamel.

The first step is to clean the wine glass with alcohol - the rubbing kind on the outside of the glass, not the drinking kind inside the glass.  You can print or draw a template to tape to the inside of the glass if you want, or you can freehand your design like I did.  The nice thing about this process is how easy it is to wipe off and start over when you goof up.  I just used a baby wipe to clear the paint and re-cleaned the glass with the alcohol.  After trying and failing with several designs, I finally got the images how I wanted them.  The main image is the words "Bunco Babe" painted in a funky little font. "Razzle Berry" is the pink color I used for the main part of the image, and it's outlined with white.  I had to use several coats of the pink for it to show up well.  The first couple of coats were translucent.  (NOTE: Be sure to allow the paint to dry completely between coats or you will wind up pulling paint off with the brush.) I painted three dice to the right of the main image.  All three dice show the number six since three sixes equals a "big bunco" in our group.  The most big buncos for the night wins the big prize.  The dots on the dice were added with black paint using the round tip of the paint brush.  I added silver sparkles to the dice and one on the capital letter B.  Then I added more dots in all the colors around the base of the glass, using a Q-tip. 

The instructions say to cure on a shelf for 21 days or for a quicker method: wait 48 hours then set the glass on a cold cookie sheet inside a cold oven.  Turn the oven to 325 degrees and once the oven reaches temperature, bake for 30 minutes.  Switch the oven off and allow the glass to completely cool down inside the oven.  Once the paint is cured, the glass should be top-rack dishwasher safe.  Since I am a pure procrastinator, I was lucky to have the paint dry enough to wrap the gift, so I included these instructions for the lucky recipient to follow when she got her glass home.

Would I make these again?  Yes.  Now that I have worked out some of the kinks, I think it will go a lot smoother next time.  Maybe I'll finish the rest of these as the originally intended Bunco Babe gifts.  Or maybe I'll experiment with a few other designs.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Long time no post...

Funny... I get irritated when I run across a seemingly good blog only to find the blogger has been absent for long periods of time, or a blog where the blogger comes back after said absence and announces they are back and apologizes for being gone so long. I've even done it myself before on this very blog, but I loathe myself for it. Now here I am after many many months...nay, years. I'm back. I am not going to apologize though. I've been gone because life happens and it cannot be helped. Nevertheless, I am glad to be back. I've been inspired to start crafting and posting again, so here I am.

It's Christmas time in the Pyatt house and I am loving it. I love sparkly things and Christmas decorations fit the bill exactly. Here is a wreath I just finished for the door of my Crafty HQ. It was of course inspired by another new obsession of mine - Pinterest. (Beware, it's worse than Facebook as a time-waster.)

Anyhoo... I pinned this beautiful wreath the other day and I could not wait to recreate it! Michael's had their shatterproof ornaments on sale, so I stocked up. Then I started creating. You know how other people make things look so easy? I mean what could be easier than sliding a bunch of ornaments along a hanger?


If you want to recreate this craft, let me say first of all, do not skip the step where you hot glue the metal holders to the ornament before sliding them onto the hanger. I tried that, and of course ornaments began popping off left and right when I went to hang the wreath. I went back to it (days later of course so I had time to cool down) and hot glued all those little suckers on there. I restrung the ornaments and went to hang it again. Now the ornaments pop off from the tiny little wire that loops over the hanger. I'm thinking I need to go back again and hot glue some more. *sigh* A crafter's work is never done...