Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gone, but not forgotten

So I realize I have been gone for what seems like FOREVER, but I have not forgotten about my little blog here, and I certainly haven't forgotten my passion for stamping. Somehow the little monsters in my life seem to suck up every free moment of my time...especially Zachary. No kidding, he cried outside my office door for 30 minutes while Jason was trying to give me a bit of "me-time" today. When I gave up on my free time and opened the door, he attached to my right leg (still crying, BTW) and wouldn't let go! It's like that every single minute that he is awake every single day. *sigh* It leaves me feeling so drained that I barely have the energy to read my e-mail much less break out the stamping supplies. But, I've manged to do a little bit here and there over the past few months. Hereis one that I managed to remember to take picture of.

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BrendaQstamps said...

Pretty Card!! I love how you combined the stamps sets to make a beautiful picture.