Monday, September 28, 2009

Open House Winners!

So yesterday at the open house I had four door prize drawings. Guests had to complete different tasks to earn their tickets and my helpers, Ethan and Zachary, drew the winning names last night.

And without further delay, the winners are:

  • Audrey Matheson! You've won the embellishments!!
  • Jill Watkins! You've won the cards with envelopes!!
  • Jenn Barlow! You've won the stamp set!!
  • Gwen Purcell! You've won the designer paper!!
Congratulations to you all! Thanks for coming out to support me at my grand opening!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Grand Opening!

Well, it's official! I opened my business today! I held an open house today from 2:00 until about 4:30. I had lots of people show up to support me, and it was so nice! Some people ordered products, some people signed up for workshops and classes, and everyone made the make & take and enjoyed brownies made by my little chef Ethan. There was lots of chatting and sharing ideas and just a good time being had by all! Thanks to all who attended and showed their support. Special thanks to my dear husband Jason for supporting me in this and for helping me get everything done on time for today. Finally, thanks to my little "helper" Ethan.

My "helper" did not get any photos of actual guests (except for one of someone's behind and several pictures of the daughter of one of my friends! I won't post any of those here though. Hmmm...I wonder if he's got a little crush!?! Audrey - this is one of your daughters!!)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gone, but not forgotten

So I realize I have been gone for what seems like FOREVER, but I have not forgotten about my little blog here, and I certainly haven't forgotten my passion for stamping. Somehow the little monsters in my life seem to suck up every free moment of my time...especially Zachary. No kidding, he cried outside my office door for 30 minutes while Jason was trying to give me a bit of "me-time" today. When I gave up on my free time and opened the door, he attached to my right leg (still crying, BTW) and wouldn't let go! It's like that every single minute that he is awake every single day. *sigh* It leaves me feeling so drained that I barely have the energy to read my e-mail much less break out the stamping supplies. But, I've manged to do a little bit here and there over the past few months. Hereis one that I managed to remember to take picture of.