Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Some Advice . . .

for those of you thinking about going back to school shortly after having a new baby. DON'T! Wait until the baby is a bit older and you have a bit more time for doing things for yourself. Back in September, when Zachary was less than three months old, I started an online graduate school program to earn my Masters degree in Elementary Education. Boy oh BOY! I am swamped and my entire life is on the back burner. All I do is reading, researching, and writing papers. I miss my stamping like crazy! My sister took me to a LSS for a mini shopping spree for my birthday last weekend and I had no idea what to get because I am not working on anything these days. I picked out some things, and they are sitting in my office waiting for me to play with them. Sale-a-bration is going on right now and I want to get those free stamps like an itch on my back, but who knows when I'll get to play with them? So, my advice to you is to hold offgoing back to school until such time that the kids can handle some alone time and you are giving only 110% of yourself, rather than 150% of yourself, to taking care of the kids.

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