Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Anniversary Celebration Weekend

My husband and I have been married now for 9 years! Wednesday was our actual anniversary and I surprised him with 2 dozen roses like the ones in our wedding and some balloons. And of course, I made him this card:

Even though it's girly with the pink, I think he liked it. I love how it turned out, if I do say so myself.

Well, this weekend we got rid of all the kids and live-in sisters in our house (okay, there is just one, but hey...). Yesterday we got a couples massage - HEAVENLY! If you have never gotten a professional massage, I say it is something you need to treat yourself to at least once in your life.

Then we went to dinner at Benihana's, the Japanese steakhouse. Jason and I were rolling on the floor laughing so hard because all of the hibachi chefs in this very Japanese restaurant were Hispanic! The rest of the staff was Japanese, but the chefs were not. LOL! Our chef's name was Juan, and he was a riot. He must have been new or something because he was flinging rice everywhere (and not on purpose). Anyways, he prepared an excellent filet and shrimp with all the fixins...I'm still stuffed this morning. The one thing I want to know is why our waitress was not allowed to serve me water in a taller glass. When I asked her to bring me a larger glass of water, she went away and came back to tell me "They won't let me pour water in those glasses, so here is two water glasses for you. But don't worry, I take good care of you and bring you more water." Any ideas on that one?

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