Thursday, February 22, 2007


You know how you sometimes can see a picture of something and it completely inspires you? That is what happened with me last night. I saw this amazing card in the Splitcoast gallery by Sencie. I loved the new Au Chocolate paper to begin with, but when I saw how she added a dash of celery to it, I went bonkers. I knew that was exactly the look I wanted for my next project, a lunchbox tin card holder.
Now, I don't claim to be a great artist or anything, and I don't really like tooting my own horn so to speak. But I really LOVE how this turned out, and I couldn't wait to upload it to my SCS gallery. I did so several hours ago, expecting to get high praises. I have not yet received any of the validation I was seeking (as of now, only 43 views, 1 favorite, and 0 comments). Disappointing to say the least, but I still LOVE it! I still need to decorate the inside of the cover and create some tabs. Fun fun fun! I can't wait until it's all done and filled with cards.

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Allison said...

Well, I like it! I know what you mean about the gallery...sometimes I really like a card and I get nada in the way of feedback...other times, I really think nothing of the creation and that is the one that gets commented on...yeesh!